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hands-free video streaming , anytime , anywhere


What is Elixar?

Elixar is a live video streaming platform that supports smartglasses and mobile devices.

It will help your organisation:

  • Increase expertise in the field.

  • Share vision of jobs being performed in real-time.

  • Reduce domestic and international travel costs.

Aerial View of Containers

Maximise the value of your workforce

Utilising camera and microphone equipped smartglasses, Elixar shares the vision of the wearer while allowing them to see and communicate with others anywhere in the world. Workers on the ground can be the eyes, ears, and hands of experts located elsewhere.

A man wearing a hard hat and smart glasses while inspecting a shipping container.


Whether it be through manipulating a device, navigating our environment or non-verbal communication, most tasks at work rely on us using our hands. Elixar leverages cutting edge voice controls in the latest smart glasses like the Realwear HMT-1. So you never need to touch the device to join a video session, take a photo, or swap who you see in your screen. 

A man wearing smart glasses while inspecting a pallet jack.
A man wearing a hard hat and smart glasses performing a quality assurance check on a factory production line..

Sharing and valuing your content

Sharing visual content is an important part of workplace communication. Each video session created on Elixar comes with the power to share screens, images and record streamed video. Additionally, after a session is finished you can always go back and review the files and a timeline of who sent them.

A screenshot of an Elixar video session from a web user's perspective.


Raw Steak
QA Manager

The Elixar package gives us the ability to provide real time access to the plant whilst conducting and undergoing regulatory checks and audits, without the need for travel and onsite visitations.


Butcher Hanging Beef
QA Manager

We reached out to a company in Brisbane and prepared our trainees to take advantage of this technology and administer training remotely.


We received very positive feedback both from the trainees and from the trainers and assessors.
They were very appreciative of being able to stream from a device that doesn’t require
anyone to hold anything at all.

I would absolutely have no problems with recommending this technology for training
and assessment.

Fletcher International




Elixar is currently in its Early Preview phase of development.

If you are interested in starting a pilot program, would like a product demonstration, or are just after some more information, contact us by completing the form below.

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